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Cotons Classifieds

Is a safe place to showcase all your years of breeding to better the breed. Coton dams and sires can be listed with all the health and genetic testing that has been performed. This helps breeders that may be looking for a dam/sire that would meet their breeding program requirements. Potential puppy buyers will also have the opportunity to pick and choose the best qualified breeder from the dams and sires health records. Not all breeders are Code of Ethic

Cotons Rescue Foundation

COMING SPRING 2016 Please check back for updates, find out how you can foster or sponsor a Coton in need.Our foundation will offer financial funding to help Cotons that have the misfortune of becoming homeless. All the money donated either by donation or membership dues will be spent on Coton Rescue. Administrative duties performed are volunteer services, not a paid service.

Coton World Magazine

Cotons World Magazine was created to have a creative forum to bring potential Coton owners and Coton breeders together. From the latest news to exciting articles, to dog shows, and health tips, Cotons World Magazine has it all. Cotons World Magazine is offered 4 times per year online for our viewers.