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Our Mission

“For the lifetime of the Coton de Tulear.” It was our hopes and dreams to build a network for all things Cotons to showcase the results of breeders that have the entirety to do the right thing. THEY deserve recognition for their breeding efforts. The biggest payoff is the education of future puppy buyers.

Join Us

Subscribers to Cotons Network will get to enjoy every part of our network up close and personal. With latest news and updates to keep you current on the latest cotons in news and is available for everyone to enjoy.     Cotons Network and/or our affiliate’s sites are not directly or indirectly involved or related to ANY Coton Club, organization or Rescue group.

Cotons World Magazine

Cotons World is an online magazine geared toward a Coton de Tulear based audience.  We offer a vast array of news, special features, photos, and health and wellness tips, and a list of Coton breeders in your area. We are an affiliate of Cotons Network which is a new online network for reputable Coton breeders to showcase their pets. Our goal is to educate not only the breeders but potential pet owners with the emphasis on good nutrition and health.